weekend in florence 043

Part of a meat counter at the San Lorenzo market, Rick Steves said that you will find parts of animals that you’ve never seen before. I saw an octopus at another counter. Did I mention ALL of our food suggestions came from Rick Steves? We toasted him at every meal, especially the fixed price meal on Friday night at Trattoria di Giorgios – 2 courses, a vegetable, bread, a drink, and water all for 12 euro each. Every course was delicious and filling. I got truffle pasta with mushrooms, spinach, and a smoked salmon and arugula plate with toasted bread. AMAZING.

weekend in florence 045

Michael and I wandered around the market and he found a place selling fresh FRESH FRESH lightly fried calamari, white fish, and shrimp for 10 euro. We split this and then the butcher came over and poured us each a plastic cup of white wine. Complimentary I guess? Then we found a sunny spot and picnicked.

weekend in florence 046

It was such a good moment that I had to capture my view from our spontaneous seafood picnic.

weekend in florence 047

We met up with the rest of the group in a large piazza with a horseman statue in the center near Accademia dell’Arte and the old Medici palace (I think?). It was in San Lorenzo near the leather stands. Everyone bought cheese, olives, bread, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and olive oil to share in the sun with the locals and the pigeons below.

weekend in florence 052

Candid photo on the bridge next to the Ponte Vecchio (not pictured)

weekend in florence 056


weekend in florence 058

We walked to the Medici palace after crossing the bridge. We wanted to go to the museum and the gardens but it had closed…next time! I didn’t get a picture of this but loads of people were laying on this incline in front of the palace. Here we witnessed the 3 letter acronym that make Americans pretty uncomfortable: PDA

weekend in florence 060

The view from across the bridge. Mountains in the distance

weekend in florence 062

We got gelato again at an even BETTER place that Rick Steves didn’t find (I guess he didn’t suggest ALL our places). Dark chocolate and pistacchio – best I’ve had in Italy at some random gelateria that I will be able to locate again, no worries. This is the view from the huge hill of Piazzale Michelangelo. We hung out here for about an hour with loads of tourists and a ton of American students.

weekend in florence 066

View of the Ponte Vecchio at night (toy camera setting!)

weekend in florence 065

We were at the top of the duomo the day earlier

weekend in florence 071

weekend in florence 070

weekend in florence 073 weekend in florence 074


6 responses »

  1. Mom says:

    PADLOCKING!!!! Funny (and sad, too, of course) Were people amazed by your knowledge of this phenomenon?!

  2. Becca says:

    My favorite picture is of the view from the hill!

  3. Jane says:

    graaace…smizing 101, you know this!

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